"I chose a long term reversible method of birth control because I have goals in my life.  I want to finish college and I want to get a better education and find a stable job before I have children." 

-Destiny, A Step Ahead Foundation client



"I'm a single mother of an 18 year old son, I'm 33 years old, which means I had my son when I was 15.  I didn't know about birth control and different birth control options, which is part of the reason I support A Step Ahead Foundation.  They provide education and birth control options for young women so they can make better decisions for their lives and put themselves in a better position to have a good life and children when they are ready."  

-Summer Owens, Advocate for A Step Ahead Foundation



"I choose to use birth control because I recently had a child and I'm not trying to have anymore anytime soon.  I'm trying to go to school and have a career in my life.  I'm trying to be able to provide for the one that I do have and I'm not trying to add anymore right now."

-Moriah, A Step Ahead Foundation client



“Just wanted to let y’all know that I went to an appt at the Union locations and was very impressed with the office and all the people that work there. I will definitely recommend y’all to everyone I know that needs your services.”

-Lisa, A Step Ahead Foundation client



“Love this organization. I recommend to every woman looking to family plan."

-Daniela, A Step Ahead Foundation client




“I went through your program for my Mirena. I love it! Thanks...I am an advocate for A Step Ahead always.”

-Anonymous, A Step Ahead Foundation client



"Step ahead is the best program ever. I am so ever grateful for it. It has saved me from a lot of misery and saved me a lot of money! May God bless everyone that plays a part."

-Anonymous, A Step Ahead Foundation client

"You are a strong woman with a strong mind. You have the power to take control of your life and your choices. Think about what you want and what you need, to be healthy and happy."

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