Partners in Prevention

We know that to make maximum impact on the lives of Memphians, collaboration is key! If you are an organization in Shelby County that offers services to women and children, train your staff on how to use our services as resources for your clients through our popular Partners in Prevention program. At this 90-minute training session, participants will learn about the LARC methods in order to combat unintended teen pregnancies, and communication tips on how to appropriately have those conversations with clients.


When it comes to your clients - YOU are the experts!

That's why we want to work with your team to talk about how our services can help the people you serve, so that YOU are equipped with the knowledge and resources to refer your clients in need.

Program Goals

  1. Deepen understanding of teen and unintended pregnancy in our community.
  2. Increase awareness of LARC methods and how they can help women get a step ahead.
  3. Equip trainees with conversation starters to help them address teen and unintended pregnancy.


Interested in Scheduling a Training?

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