Not in Memphis?

We have 6 locations in Tennessee

Not in Memphis? No problem! There are affiiliates across Tennessee that are happy to help you access free birth control, IUD insertions, and implant insertions. Follow the links below to learn more about how to make an appointment or get more information wherever you are.

If you have questions about bringing the A Step Ahead model to your city, please contact Amy Mulroy at


A Step Ahead- Memphis, TN

A Step Ahead Foundation; Executive Director, Nikki Gibbs

Memphis, TN


A Step Ahead- Jackson, TN

A Step Ahead Foundation of West Tennessee; Executive Director, Margaret Taylor

Jackson, TN and 19 counties in West TN


A Step Ahead- Nashville, TN

A Step Ahead Foundation of Middle Tennessee; Executive Director, Jenny Matthews

Nashville, TN and 7 surrounding counties


A Step Ahead- Chattanooga, TN

A Step Ahead Chattanooga; Executive Director, Mandy Crowley

Chattanooga, TN and 10 surrounding counties and 7 counties in Georgia and Alabama


A Step Ahead- Knoxville, TN

A Step Ahead Foundation of East Tennessee, Executive Director, Erica Lyon

Knoxville, TN and 16 surrounding counties


A Step Ahead- Johnson City, TN

A Step Ahead Tri-Cities; Executive Director, Maggie Wood

Johnson City, TN and 8 surrounding counties


For information on becoming an affiliate of A Step Ahead Foundation, email

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