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We Offer Three Kinds Of Free Birth Control

We offer access to free birth control in Memphis that is easy to use, long lasting, and reversible. We help women to get a step ahead in life and plan for their future. Call 901-320-7837 to make an appointment.

How We Help

  • A Call Center that Operates 24/7

    This makes it easy to make an appointment by calling 901-320-STEP.

  • Free Lyft Rides

    All clients can get a free Lyft ride to and from their appointment. Rides are arranged by the call center when you call to make an appointment.

  • Contraceptive Counseling in Memphis

    If you are not sure which birth control method is right for you and your body, the medical professionals at our partner clinics will talk through the decision with you to help you decide the best method for you.

  • Comprehensive Medical Visit

    A Step Ahead Foundation believes in best medical practices and provides a bundle of services with your appointment for long-term reversible birth control. These may include a pregnancy test, STI/STD testing, PAP smear, cost of the birth control, and the cost for the medical provider's time.

Clinic Visit

What does A Step Ahead Foundation pay for?
  • Well woman visit
  • Pap Smear (when applicable)
  • Pregnancy Test
  • Implant
  • Hormonal IUD
  • Non-Hormonal IUD
  • Depo-provera
  • Removal of Method
  • Free Actually Means Free

    A Step Ahead Foundation covers the full cost of your appointment and birth control if you don't have insurance. We want to make sure that all women in Memphis have access to reversible birth control that is highly effective and low maintenance with no cost to you. 

    You will never receive a bill from A Step Ahead Foundation for birth control. We act as the payer of last resort. Our clinics charge TennCare, Title X to your private insurance, and we will pay any leftover costs.

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  • Birth Control From A Step Ahead Foundation

    The effective methods of birth control provided by A Step Ahead Foundation include implants and IUDs. They are fully reversible, meaning that you can try to get pregnant as soon as it is removed by a healthcare provider.

    If you have any other questions about how to get free birth control, view our FAQs page.

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  • Not Located in Memphis?

    We are expanding! View our current affiliate locations, as well as upcoming clinics. If you are interested in starting your own A Step Ahead Foundation affiliate, contact us for more information.

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