How do I qualify?

Our birth control is available to any woman in Shelby County, Tennessee. 

What if I don't have insurance?

We will pay the full cost for any of our clients who want to receive a free IUD or implant.

What if I have insurance?

Our partner health center will bill your private insurance first, but we will pay any co-pay and/or deductibles for Shelby County residents. There will be no out of pocket costs to any of our patients.

What does the appointment include?

With any appointment for free birth control, we provide a free woman's health screening including a pregnancy test and STD test. If you are over 21, you will also receive a free pap test.

I don't have a car, how do I get to my appointment?

No worries, we provide free transportation to and from appointments. This is set up through our call center when you make an appointment.

Will you pay for my pill / patch / ring prescription?

Sorry, we only pay for IUDs and Implants. Since they are more effective and hassle-free, we recommend talking to your doctor or nurse about whether an implant or IUD could be right for you!

I don't live in Memphis, how can I get A Step Ahead in my city?

Check our listing of affiliate locations under "contact", or email Amy Mulroy, amy@astepaheadfoundation.org, for information on starting an ASAF affiliate in your area.

What is an IUD?

An IUD is a small, t-shaped piece of plastic that keeps you from getting pregnant.

Where does it go?

A doctor or nurse puts the IUD in the uterus, which is inside a woman’s body above the vagina. IUD stands for “Intrauterine Device,” which means it is inside the uterus

How long does it last?

The ParaGard lasts for 10 years. The Mirena lasts for 8 years. Both can be taken out by a doctor or nurse at any time.

How do I use it?

Once a doctor or nurse puts in the IUD, you don't have to do anything! You are protected from pregnancy until you choose to have it removed, or up to 5 years with the Mirena and 10 years with the Paragard.

How well does it work?

The IUD works really, really well. It is one of the best forms of birth control that exists. If 100 women use the IUD, on average less than 1 will become pregnant within a year.

What types of IUDs does A Step Ahead Foundation provide?

Our health centers have two types of IUDs available: The Mirena, which lasts for 8 years, and the ParaGard, which lasts for 10 years. The ParaGard has no hormones. The Mirena has some hormones, which can make periods lighter for some women.

How does it work?

Both IUDs work by preventing the sperm from reaching the egg. This happens because the IUDs make it difficult for sperm to move. In some women, the hormones in the Mirena may also prevent ovulation (when the egg leaves the ovaries).

Does the IUD protect me from STDs?

Nope, absolutely not. So definitely use a condom every time you have sex so that you are protected from pregnancy AND sexually transmitted infections.

How do I learn more?

You can always set up an appointment with one of our doctors or nurses to talk about the IUD or implant, or you head over to our blog and ask one of us!

What about other methods?

The best form of birth control is the one that fits your life. Learn about methods outside of LARC at bedsider.org/methods

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