Our Mission

A Step Ahead Foundation empowers women to reach their life goals by eliminating barriers to voluntary, long-acting, reversible birth control through educational programming, services, and funding.

Our Vision

A Step Ahead Foundation strives to improve educational, economic, and health outcomes for women by providing access to the most effective reversible methods of birth control.  Preventing unplanned pregnancy encourages educational and career opportunities, reduces economic strain, and leads to lower infant mortality and positive future pregnancy outcomes.


Claudia Haltom founded a A Step Ahead Foundation in 2011 to help young women be able to plan their lives, complete their education and have equal access to the most effective, but also most expensive, birth control.

Before A Step Ahead Foundation was founded these young women did not have easy access to the most effective methods of reversible birth control. Claudia Haltom resolved to devote her retirement to making sure these young women had access to birth control so they could plan their futures and achieve their full potential.